Master Blaster

July 26, 2008

Man this guy missed his century just by a run again. I couldnt just continue watching the match after he departed. This is just because i am an ardent fan of his style,coolness and i cant complete this sentence without mentioning his smile.

Someone has to give birth to a child, who can achieve our little master’s feat. But i was a bit frustrated after seeing him getting out in the similar way at tense moments. This situation makes every cricket loving fan to get angry on Sachin.

But this will last just for a while, just like the memory of India losing in this match and on his future performances we will be remebering forever like we cherish in our minds the victory of 20-20 world cup.

Hail to Little Master for making India proud and long live Sachin.


Rain In Chennai….!

July 16, 2008

Yesterday Evening Chennai city was flooded by the heavy rain. A deep depression over the Bay of Bengal brought torrential rain to chennai, flooding many areas.The metropolis received 40 cm rain in the 40 hours ended midnight on Thursday.The day was started nice climate with full of breeze. The rain had fallen continuously with heavy thunders and lightenings on the sky.The rain made the city cool. “Only Rain can makes the trees , plants and MTC buses very shine…..

Will Dollars gets boom

July 6, 2008

The dollar falls, inflation rises, federal spending continues to soar to unprecedented heights. Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson and other business leaders say that the taxpayers may even make money from this bailout. But the dollar being the mechanism which may bring down other nation’s economies, the dollar will suffer the same nasty death the gold standard did in the Great Depression. In the 1930’s and 1940’s, the sooner nations abandoned the gold standard, then sooner they recovered from the  ( WWR ) world wide recession. The dollar became the new gold used to back paper notes in every nation.

The dollar is no longer backed by gold, it is backed by loans on homes which have been defaulted on.

Duality of Women

July 1, 2008

What is blogging all about??? It does not require a stupendous effort to express your own views in a simplistic way such that people come to realise what you are upto after reading the blog.

So here i come with my blog on the duality of working women and how they are treated in this world.Even though they thrive in both the roles they undergo, their reputation is married by male chauvinist’s whose ego doesnt allow them to see women successful in their duality.

The condition of working women deteriorates day by day. Life becomes mechanical and miserable at times. Since she is overburdened with the dual role, the perfection of her work in other places is at stake. Her effort of exposing hidden talents vanquish.

Except for the family’s meeting out of the financial crisis and the improvement of standard of living, she achieves nothing to improvise her self respect. Unless and until she determines to allot sometime exclusively for herself,there is no end to this problem