Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Trailler

November 30, 2008

Movie Review:

The film was supposed to open in UK cinemas today but the owners pushed the release date back to July 16, 2009 in what many see as a blatant publicity stunt to ensure the film is massive success when it is finally released next summer.

The writers’ strike that brought Hollywood to a standstill earlier this year is also thought to have played a part in the delay.

The sixth Potter film, directed by David Yates and produced in the UK, promises to be the darkest yet. It carries the tagline: “To know the future – return to the past.”

The film features a flashback to Tom Riddle as an 11-year-old – the character who goes on to become Harry’s arch-enemy, Lord Voldemort.

The young boy gives a glimpse of the evil to come when he tells Albus Dumbledore (Michael Gambon): “I can make bad things happen to people who are mean to me. And I can speak to snakes. They find me. They whisper things.”

Tom is played by newcomer Hero Fiennes-Tiffin, nephew of Ralph Fiennes, the actor who played Lord Voldemort in previous Potter films.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince reunites the three young stars – Daniel Radcliffe as Harry, Emma Watson as Hermione Granger and Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley. New cast members include Jim Broadbent, who will play Potions Professor Horace Slughorn.

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November 29, 2008

Starcast: Dhanush, Tamanna

Director: Suraj



Mumbai attackers may be Pak nationals

November 27, 2008

India Shooting

“There are indications that the perpetrators of the crime, who arrived in Mumbai by boats, are Pakistani nationals,” authoritative sources said.

The indications are based on information gathered from captured terrorists, the sources said. Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister R R Patil, who also holds the Home portfolio, said revealing detailed information on the terror strikes could prove detrimental at this juncture. “We have total clues.

But disclosing information would not help the case,” Patil said. “This is an attack on the country. We will disclose information at an appropriate time,” he said.

Preliminary investigations on Friday pointed to involvement of at least some Pakistani nationals in the serial terror attacks in Mumbai that left over 100 dead and 270 others injured.

Meanwhile, there are reports that Colaba police have impounded four boats allegedly used by the terrorists to reach the Mumbai coast……

to increase your speaking tips

November 27, 2008

One of the most important components of public speaking is the sound of your voice. It influences the impact of your message, and might even make or break the success of your speech. Fortunately, for many people, good voice quality can be learned.
Instructions :

1. Breathe from your diaphragm – Practice long and controlled exhales. When you speak, use breath to punctuate your point. For example, take a breath at the end of each phrase whether you need to or not. Use that opportunity to pause and let the listeners absorb what you say.
2. Use pitch – Lower pitches generally are more soothing to hear. However, modulating your pitch for emphasis will keep your listeners engaged. Develop your pitch by practicing humming.
3. Moderate your volume – Find out if you speak too loudly or too softly. When you begin speaking, ask your audience how your volume is (each situation is different). Try to stay at the appropriate volume throughout your speech.
4. Moderate your pace – This one is also closely related to breath. If you speak too quickly, people can’t keep up. If you speak too slowly, people will lose interest. Record your speech to determine if you need to change your pace. Get feedback from others.
5. Articulate – Try exaggerating your lip movement to reduce mumbling. Practice articulating tongue twisters and extending and exaggerating vowel sounds. Become an expert at articulating tongue twisters as quickly and crisply as possible. Focus on the ones you find difficult.
6. Practice your speech in advance and determine where you want to pause for a breath. For more emphasis, pause for more than one breath. Mark your breathing points in your notes.
7. Loosen up before you begin. Look side to side. Roll your head in half-circles and roll your shoulders back. Shift your rib cage from side to side. Yawn. Stretch. Touch your toes while completely relaxing your upper body, then slowly stand up, one vertebra at a time, raising your head last. Repeat as needed.
8. Posture – Stand up straight and tall to allow full lung capacity and airflow.
9. Record your voice repeatedly using different ways of speaking. Determine which one is most pleasing.
10. Practice breath control – Take a deep breath, and while you exhale, count to 10 (or recite the months or days of the week). Try gradually increasing your volume as you count, using your abdominal muscles—not your throat—for volume. Don’t let your larynx tense up.

Kites movie

November 25, 2008

No one can doubt Hrithik’s fidelity but him and Barbara are looking smoking hot together in the few pictures of the film that have already been released.

Apart from the dancing-duo, Kangna Ranaut will play a secondary role in the film – that of a girl who falls in love with her dance teacher. Well, do you blame her? After all how many of us can boast about a teacher as hot as Hrithik?

Rakesh Roshan’s upcoming film Kites has already faced some bad luck with the lawsuit for non-payment of wages. However, that has not stopped Kites from being one of the most awaited films this year.

Now that is completely natural, given that Hrithik will be seen doing what he does best – dancing. In fact, papa Roshan decided to focus on this skill of Hrithik and made him a Salsa instructor who falls in love with a Latina dancer – Barbara Mori.

Yuvvaraj movie review

November 25, 2008

Yuvvraaj is a loose rip-off of Barry Levinson’s 1988 hit Rainman, which won four Oscars including best actor and best Picture.

At one point in Yuvvraaj, one character tells another: Tum samajhdar ho, intelligent ho, clever ho. A few reels later, one brother tells another: No papa, no father, no pita, no daddy.

Here too, a father dies leaving a majority of his fortune to his autistic son, Gyanesh, played by Anil Kapoor. Of course this is autism Bollywood style.

Characters keep repeating themselves and if you still don’t get the point of this predictable film about three estranged brothers, writer-producer- director Subhash Ghai gives us a voice-over that spells out the obvious and a character who hands us a motto at the end: Independent you live, united you stand. It’s not very new or deep or engaging.

So we see Gyanesh making music with children and bouncing balls in the living room. People call him bhola and someone declares: uski dimagi halat kharab hai. His brother Deven, played by Salman Khan, who has been estranged from the family for 12 years, returns to claim his share of dad’s Rs 15,000 crores.

The original touch here is that there is also a third brother Danny, played by Zayed Khan, a spoilt rich brat, who is mostly shown flying planes, gambling and lolling in bed with a floozy, who memorably dumps him for, and the exact dialogue is: the second richest man in London.

At first, both Deven and Danny are only looking to somehow extract money from their bhola brother but as the three spend time together, they bond and discover the importance of the united family.

Subhash Ghai, who created some memorable blockbusters through the 1980s and early 90s, returns to his favoured movie mode: 70 mm melodrama with stars, picturesque foreign locations and melodious music.

He brings passion and ambition but unfortunately he is let down by his own script. The writing is archaic and simplistic with unintentionally funny dialogue.

Changing hairstyles in every scene, Salman scrapes through the romance and comedy but his tears have no conviction. Anil goes back to his simpleton act from Eeshwar.

Poor Zayed is saddled with the most underwritten part. He’s also given a scene in which he cries in close-up. This is of course meant to be moving but in fact he looks like he has severe indigestion. There’s also Boman Irani hamming it in a bad wig, Mithun Chakarborty trying not to ham it in a bad wig and Anjan Srivastav, who for reasons never explained, has one blue eye.

Quotas if voted to power: Maya to Muslims

November 24, 2008

Aspiring to form a Government at the Centre, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister and BSP supreme Mayawati reached out to Muslims and upper castes in Delhi by promising to provide reservation for poor among them if voted to power.

Addressing her second rally in the capital where BSP has fielded candidates in all the 70 seats, she also said her party was committed to extend the quota regime to financially weaker sections of the upper castes as she sought to dispel the notion that BSP represented the interests of only backward castes.

“We will provide reservation to poor Muslims if voted to power,” she told a public meeting in Aligaon in south Delhi.

“We are also in favour of providing reservation to the financially poor sections of the upper castes,” said Mayawati, who returned to power last year in UP by successfully experimenting with a social engineering formula.