Aniston and Wilson ate dog food

April 10, 2009

How Aniston and Wilson contributed to dog-food sales in Europe

Hollywood Celebrity Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson ate dog biscuits on a German TV show, sales of dog food in Europe have seen a real upsurge.

And, thus, Swiss families have started to store of dog biscuits in their homes, instead of buying more expensive dishes.

“It may sound disgusting but dog food is made to human standards and is safe to eat.”

Aniston and Wilson ate dog food after losing a dare on talk show Wetten Das.


Britney Spears smoking marijuana during one of her `Circus’ gig

April 10, 2009

Despite having a history full of drug and alcohol abuse, Britney Spears recently walked off stage only because she made to feel uncomfortable by fans smoking marijuana during one of her `Circus’ gig.

The `Toxic’ hit-maker stormed off after three songs, and did not return for 40 minutes at Vancouver’s GM Place, Canada.

A loudspeaker announcement was later made, sternly asking the 19,000-strong audience to extinguish all their smokes if they wanted Britney to return.

SS Music Lekha moves for glamours roles

April 9, 2009

‘ Lekha is ready to do glam roles but it all depends on the character. she will dance, but she prefer something challenging. But the glamour should be within limits,’ really surprised to here this words from Lekha.

With a question , are you a Chennai girl ? With a smile Lekha says “I am a very much a Chennai girl and she loves the city very much, and I’m actually part Maharastrian, part Italian, part Burmese, a mixed blood! But I’ll always consider myself a Chennai girl,’ says Lekha.

padukone is One of the most beautiful girl in Bollywood industry

April 2, 2009

Deepika padukone most beautiful actress of Bollywood industry. Deepika padukone is One of the most beautiful girl in Bollywood industry ever had. A model cum actress and enthusiastic sports supporter who is supporting her father s dream prakash padukone academy of badmintton She has different roles in real life also Being a Brand ambassador of So many international and Indian Brands like Kingfisher Bsnl Wrigleys fiama di wills tissot watches bangalore marathon etc she is still more concentrating on movies doing couple movies at the same time with Ranbir Saif ali khan and Ajay devgan. Deepika padukone at wills india fashion week with designer tarun Deepika Padukone ramp walk during wills india fashion week Deepika padukone and sourav ganguly .

Hilton, boyfriend planning a family

March 31, 2009
Socialite heiress Paris Hilton has dated her new boyfriend for a very short time but they seem to be already making plans for a family.Hilton boyfriend Dough Reinhardt and Hilton’s parents have also been discussing marriage. Hilton started seeing Reinhardt who stars in the TV Show The Hills just last month.

“Paris will make a great mom. She’s amazing. I’d love to have some mini Parises one day.”

Amrita Rao is all set to unleash her sexy

March 31, 2009

Amrita Rao is all set to unleash her sexy avatar with her upcoming summer release flick Shortkut. The Vivaah actress is all set to shed her inhibitions on the big screen and look as sexy and glamorous as a girl of her age should look like. Shortkut is a Anil Kapoor production co-starring Akshaye Khanna and Arshad Warsi and is being directed by Neeraj Vora.

Bringing the transformation in her styling is none other than designer guru, Manish Malhotra. Manish has been giving such kind of makeovers to almost all the heroines of the industry, starting with Urmila Matondkar in Rangeela, Karisma Kapoor on Raja Hindustani to name a few. Likewise, Amrita will flaunt her abs and legs in skimpy clothes for Shortkut.

States Amrita in this regards, “Till now most of my characters in the films that have done have been conservative and that is why I have had to dress the part. In Vivaah, the character was so traditional that the attire had to support her beliefs. But Shortkut is a different film and I am wearing clothes accordingly. And all I can say that Manish has done a fabulous job and I feel I am looking great.”

Shortkut was earlier scheduled for a March release but the Indian Premiere League’s earlier schedule postponed it ahead. The film now may release in end of May.

Russell Brand lands Most Self-Obsessed

March 30, 2009

Russell Brand has been crowned with the title of `Most Self-Obsessed British Celebrity’ in a new study based on Twitter usage.

Top 40 of the most narcissistic celebrities on Twitter, a list that includes Lily Allen, Chris Moyles and Stephen Fry.

In that Brand has 143,548 fans following his regular updates of his antics. But the 33-year-old is only interested in 14 fellow Twitterers enough to bother following their progress.

Brand tops Holy Moly”s ”Celebrity Twitter Narcissm Rating” with 99.9902 per cent.

Lily Allen, 23, scored a rating of 99.9900 per cent, according to the research.

The Smile Singer has 101,500 followers but is tracking just 10 people.

Third in the league was DJ Chris Moyle, who has 106,013 followers but is following just 13 people. His rating is 99.9877 per cent.