Thoranai – Movie Review

May 31, 2009

Starring: Vishal, Shriya, Prakash Raj, Santhanam
Direction: Saba Ayyappan
Music: Mani Sharma
Production: GK Films

Thoranai is a very simple story in which long lost brothers reunite.Geetha has two sons,the elder one influenced in the wrong way does something inappropriate that really angers his mother and she in rage physically punishes him. In anger the elder son runs away from home.

Years later, his younger brother(Vishal) decided to come to the city in search of him,to take him back home. But the city is not friendly to him.He runs into trouble with the local dons of the place(Prakash Raj and Kishore).

In the midst of the dons and the brothers, the director has made space for a romance track and a comedy track too. The comic scenes, handled by Santhanam, Paravai Muniamma and Mayilsaamy should be able to impress sections of the audience.There had been a lot of talk about how Vishal was going to try his hand at comedy in Thoranai. But, barring the scene where he dresses up as Lord Rama and performs a gag to escape from a tight situation, there is nothing else. Even that scene does not have the desired impact. But, it is the romance that fails to leave any impression whatsoever. The chemistry between Vishal and Shriya is totally non-happening. The movie for a large part keeps oscillating between the main plot and the side tracks, frequently interspersed by songs which prevent the central theme from gaining momentum. That is the major drawback of the Thoranai. That apart, the key scene where Vishal identifies his brother could have been better. Also, the means of identification is fetched straight from the annals of cinema (birthmarks, family songs and other similar things).

Overall, Thoranai is a film that has been made with the right intentions; to entertain.Debut director Saba Ayyappan (also in charge of story and screenplay) has not made full use of a great opportunity. Thoranai does entertain, but a tighter script and better execution could have yielded far better results.


DC Youth Orchestra

May 30, 2009

If you had the means to send your children to the best music classes, would you send them to a run-down building with dirty bathrooms and broken windows?

That’s exactly what happens for students in the popular DC Youth Orchestra, an independent program in Washington, D.C., which borrows space at a local public high school. There are hundreds of youth orchestras around the U.S., but this one has found a way to be affordable, competitive and diverse — in every sense of the word.

For Ava Spece, it’s the same story every Saturday morning: cockroaches and burned-out lights. Spece is executive director of the DC Youth Orchestra, or DCYO. She can rattle off a litany of problems she faces at Coolidge High School, where nearly 600 students gather every Saturday to take classes and practice with one of 12 different performing ensembles.

The halls ring with a wide range of music. At one end of the school, a beginning orchestra sounds like it has a lot of room for growth. At the other end of the hall, there’s the more advanced Youth Orchestra, the top dog of the program. And there’s just about everything in between: a junior philharmonic, jazz ensembles and chamber groups.

Barbara Mori learns English from Hrithik Roshan

May 28, 2009

Hrithik Roshan’s co-star in Kites, Barabara Mori has learnt to speak English, a language which she did not speak or comprehend while she was signed up for the project. The producers of the film were looking for a Spanish actress because the character in the film demanded that.Though Barbara did not have knowledge of any other language the producers decided to take her onboard. Barbara Mori plays Spanish lady in the film having no knowledge of any other language.

Priyamani marriage with Tarun?

May 22, 2009


Priyamani the actress who was honored by the National Award later switched her path towards glam and romantic. The actress who is busy in Tamil and Telugu after opted for “Nava Vansatham”, news blow about the intimate relationship of her with co-star Tarun where it started as professional relation later developed and rooted to love between these two.

These two is the top story in the field that the new couple will get married soon, says a source close to her.

It is hoped that the marriage will place after the actress assignment completed, but stable announcement is not yet out from the actress side.

Hrithik and Barbara Mori having lip lock in Kites Movie

May 20, 2009

hrithik and mori

hrithik and mori lip lock

Kandhasamy mp3 downloads songs

May 18, 2009


V Creations
Cast: Vikram, Shriya, Raghuvaran, Vivek, Santhanam, Vinod Raj, Y G Mahendran, Arun Mathavan, Vinayak, Alex, Indrajith
Direction: Susi Ganesan
Production: Kalaipuli S Thanu
Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Track Listing :

01. En Peru Meenakumari : Malathy
02. Excuse Me : Vikram, Suchitra
03. Kanthaswamy (DSP Mix) : DSP
04. Mambo Maamiya : Vikram, Rita
05. Allegro : Rita
06. Idhellam Dupe : Vikram, Viveka
07. Kanthaswamy : Theme Music
08. Meow Meow : Vikram, Priya Hemesh

99 Movie Review

May 17, 2009


Starting: Vinod Khanna, Kunal Khemu, Soha Ali Khan, Boman Irani, Mahesh Manjrekar, Simone Singh, Cyrus Broacha

99 is an original story inspired by real events. It is as much “what could have been” as it is “what really happened.” In other words,it is historical fiction – fiction being the keyword. It spans a few genres, it is slick, fast-paced, realistic and, importantly, very funny.In this “smart comedy” set in 1999, all the characters are bound by a common feeling of being stuck at 99 in life – just one short of a ‘century’- that elusive thing called “making it” in life!99 is an unpredictable and hilarious ride spread over two cities with colourful characters, unbelievable circumstances, small-time crooks, big-time conspiracies, fateful car crashes, loads of coffee, a briefcase full of money, a budding romance…and a historical controversy brewing in the background!