Vettaikaaran song is leaked

May 9, 2009

While latest films of Illayathalapathy Vijay’s had not scored any hype in fulfilling the expectation of his fans and the audience, the upcoming film of Vijay’s Vettaikaaran is much expected by the actor himself for he had to prove with great success to sustain his place this time. And as it so, recently the film Vettaikaaran’s introduction song is exposed in inter- net, the song is as usual with fast beats of Vijay’s, is sung by Ranjith and composed by Vijay Anthony, the song starting with the lines ‘Vettaikaaran Parambarai Dai’…

And through this film Vettaikaran, Anushka the south Indian hot queen is taking over in Tamil films after a long gap, pairing with Vijay, hope the actress will also grab the attention of the audience on her part towards the film besides other factors. Vettaikaran is growing fast for its completion concerning so many demands, is produced under the banner AVM and directed by Babu Sivan.


What do you mean by cryptography?

April 1, 2009

What do you mean by Cryptography? Cryptography is the branch of both mathematics and computer science. It is used in information security, computer security and engineering. It is the process of converting the original information into poorly articulated gibberish and it exclusively known as encryption. A pair of algorithms which creates encryption and reverse decryption, called as cipher. Key is the secret parameter used in this context. The modern cryptography is of two types known as symmetrical key cryptography and asymmetrical cryptography.

Honda C-70

March 25, 2009

A multimeter should tell you if the bulb is blown or not, but may not guarantee that it works nicely. Generally if it’s blown there will be no completed circuit across the contacts. There could be something else, but I imagine that would be pretty rare.

HONDA C-70 :

  • Hey, I have a couple of questions. This bike has a speedo. I have heard
  • That you can test our speedo’s with a drill… can someone explain to me
  • How to do this… exactly how, without damaging the drill.
  • Also, This has no engine. I would like to test the headlight without
  • Blowing it. Is there a way to do that without a battery?? or, If I need a
  • Battery will it just blow if I kinda hook it up directly. Is there a way to
  • Test any other bulbs? Would a multimeter work?
  • Thanks

Tata motors launched the cheapest car in India

March 23, 2009

Hi folks a greatest news about Tata Nano. The Tata motors launched the cheapest car in India. Tata Nano is BS-III compliant and comes with an all new 2 cylinder aluminium MPFI 624 cc petrol engine mated to a 4 speed gear and will be available in three variants. The Tata Nano is currently being manufactured at the company’s Pantnagar plant in Uttarakhand in limited numbers. The new dedicated plant, at Sanand in Gujarat, will be ready in 2010 with an annualised capacity of 350,000 cars.

Yaavarum Nalam Tamil Movie

March 13, 2009

After ‘Yaar’ i have never seen a horror movie in tamil. I thought that Yaavarum Nalam would be some what like  prashanth’s comedy movie SHOCK.But this is’nt so, P.C.Sree rams camera and Vikram K. Kumar’s direction worked out we’ll.

The main concept behind the movie is that spirits just needs a medium to get in and they dont care whether its human or a TV or a mobile phone.

Go watch them in good theatres to feel the real thrill. Horror movies are best to be watched in theatres and it sucks in DVD.

Anna University Revaluation Results are Out!

March 13, 2009

Anna university results always remind me of two things

  • Lottery Results
  • Guindy Race Course.

Either you clear by luck or it depends on the mood of the one evaluating your answer sheet. And when it comes to revaluation results its purely LUCK.

You can get  your revaluation results Here

My friend’s luck worked this time. They have cleared in revaluation and we are having a big party this weekend.

Cheers !